Renault Clio RS Full race spec.

1 November 2020 Blackmoney Racing

Renault Clio RS Full race spec.

For sale,

In super clean condition This Clio RS out of 2011 with 40K KM only, build out off roadcar and still roadlegal if you replace headlights covers.

Build with truckload of TLC with the best parts only.

New cage, Sparco lightweight seat and new belts.

Complete supension on hard busches and AST shocks and camberplates, strongered bars en Brembo brakes with circuit pads, front and rear strutbraces, new tires.

Body where possyble lightened with carbon, Macrolon coated side and rear screens. 0nly doors still steel but we have additional new lightweight in stock.  still factory first paint, not even one scraths on it, except few stonechips on front bumper.

Engine most stock, chip, cold air intake, exhaust and cams  200BHP +, 6 speed gearbox with LSD, CHE shifter. new strongered light weight flywheel and clutch. and Much Much Much more.

Car is build and used for two trackdays after this build, so all in absolute new condition.

This car is a rocket, and is ready to go.

You can’t find a better one!! even for more money.

Interesting ( part ) exchange car or raceparts welcom.


Renault Clio RS Full race spec. image gallery:

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