Lotus Elan S3 Coupe 1967. 26r race spec.

20 March 2019 Blackmoney Racing

Lotus Elan S3 Coupe 1967. 26r race spec.

For sale,

This beautiful 1967 Lotus Elan coupe S3.

The car had a complete racing focussed build from a bare chassis, and is in prestine condition. After the complete build it only had a shakedown on Laguna seca. It’s brand new and ready to run. Comes with full registration and Californian title.

Overal the car is immaculate, the polyester body is crack-free and has a nice 3-color paintjob. Interior is fresh and the engine is just a piece of art on itself. Build with the idea to get the most out of it, but also to run it safely. Wiring is completely rewired and new.


Engine details:

• Tony Ingram built engine, all parts brand new except the block 185 bhp.
• Eight counter weight, knife edge, 72.75mm steel crankshaft.
• Steel Main Caps
• Ingram Head, Cams, Light weight Vernier Sprockets.
• CP Pistons 84mm
• Carrillo 5.23 Narrow Journal, Long Rods
• Billet Flywheel, Tilton Clutch
• Assembled and tuned by RPM, Rohnert Park, CA
• Oil System: custom Wet/Dry sump system with modified dry sump, high volume pump. 2 Quart Accusump.
• Kent/Petronix Distributor.
• Aluminum Radiator
• 45 DCOE Webers (new)
• RCI Fuel Cell, Holley Pump
• Fuel and Oil Lines: all either solid or steel braded
• 15-50 Joe Gibbs, HR Synthetic Oil

Suspension Details:

• AVO Adjustable perch shocks, Dave Bean Spring
• 2 ½” x 8” x 175# front
• 2” x 10” x 250# rear
• Adjustable Rear Sway bar
• Rear Wishbones adjustable for toe and camber
• Salisbury LSD (new), 3.9 gear.
• CV Drive Shaft conversion kit
• 13 x 5” Panasports, 5.0 x 22.0 x 13 Avons

Frame and Body Details:

• Right Hand Drive
• Full Roll Cage
• Frame strengthened and powder coated. Fire System, cockpit and engine compartment.
• Transmission, four speed, syncro, three rail, close ratio.
• Removable Steering Wheel.
• Custom Drivers Seat from Huffaker mold.
• New Interior Panels.
• Recovered Passenger Seat.
• Wink and Raydyot Mirrors.
• Plexiglass Headlight Covers
• Full Elan Manual
• 100% rewired with schematic drawings
• Autogage memory Tach

General Information:

• One shake down weekend, Monterey Pre-Reunion, 2015.

Kind Regards,

Team Blackmoney Racing.

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