Bmw Z3 Coupe (e36/8) manual/non sunroof.

11 November 2018 Blackmoney Racing

Bmw Z3 Coupe (e36/8) manual/non sunroof.

For sale,

A beautiful and instant classic Bmw Z3 Coupe ( e36/8 ) with a manual gearbox and hard to find non sunroof combo.

A limited produced car either you hate or love ( nicknamed: The Clown Shoe ).

This car comes in immaculate condition and is finished with a new paintjob in Bmw “Imola Red”.

Specs in a nutshell:

*Rustfree non sunroofed body with only 36xxx Km’s

*Fresh 2.8l engine with only 36xxx Km’s

*Stainless steel header-mapping intake upgrade ( 215Hp )

*3 way adjustable  Intrax suspension with camber plates

*Sachs race clutch

*Lsd diff with motorsport ( coolrib ) housing.

*Bolt on rollcage

*PU Bushing

*Fia seat and belts

*18 inch motorsport wheels with slicks

*Brakes and pad upgrade

*Leightweight bonnet and interior

*Motorsport exterior

*Addiotional AP 380 mm front brakes.

*New paintjob etc etc

The price of this goodness is 21.500 Euro, Or a nice racecar in return. Think about Formula 3000’s, Touring-cars, Classic cars, or parts/engines.

Kind Regards,

Team Blackmoney Racing.












Bmw Z3 Coupe (e36/8) manual/non sunroof. image gallery:

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